Noticias virtuales

Final 2005

Headlines from all over the world


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Noticias Virtuales (Virtual News) is a practical tool that will keep you up to date on what's going on around the world, since the program will display headlines from the best media sources from around the world.

The program incorporates 25 different sources in its database (Spain, the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, etc), all of them in Spanish with information that updates automatically every 5 minutes, or when the user manually updates them using the 'Actualizar' option.

This way, you can see all of the headlines and then expand the information available: just double-click on the headline and a new window will open with the link to the complete story.

Now you know that staying up to date with world news won't cost you a penny!

Noticias virtuales is considered to be an adware application since it includes a banner ad at the top of the screen.

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